Solva High-Yield Bonds A big support for small businesses

How the funds Solva raises through bond placements are used

The funds we raise through bond issues are used for lending to the real sector of Kazakhstan's economy, to finance micro and small businesses. During the last 24 months we have allocated 66 billion tenge to 52 thousand entrepreneurs across the country. As part of a separate lending program, we also support the development of women's entrepreneurship.

₸ 11.6 billion

Total bond payments

₸ 37+ billion

Bonds placed


Private and institutional investors

₸ 162 billion

Total microloans originated

1,53 million

Registered clients

~ 7 min

Time to microloan approval

Why the demand for


is always high

Successful public credit history and stable credit rating at the 2nd tier bank level

MFI OnlineKazFinance LLP is an active participant in the Kazakhstan capital market. We have always fulfilled our securities obligations on time. The Company's credit rating was affirmed by S&P Global Ratings in July 2022 at "B-/B", Outlook Stable.

High standards of risk management and corporate governance

Despite impressive growth, the quality of the loan portfolio remains at a consistently high level – the share of overdue loans over 90 days was only 5.1% in 2021, and in the first half of 2022 the figure was below 5%. Since 2021, the Company formed a supervisory board, which includes independent members. In 2022 the company’s internal audit service was established, the service reports directly to the supervisory board.

The largest MFI in the unsecured lending segment

As of the end of July 2022, the size of the loan portfolio of MFI "OnlineKazFinance" exceeded 76 billion tenge. Portfolio growth in 2021 amounted to 26 billion tenge or 43% y/y. Fast growth rate achieved in difficult market conditions – Covid-19 pandemic, geopolitical shocks in CIS, growing inflation – indicates effective approach to business management and consistently high demand for the Company's products.

Local team with international experience

Solva is owned by international fintech investors who have successfully developed businesses in the online lending and distressed debt collection segments in Spain, Mexico, Vietnam and Singapore. Solva management team members held senior management positions at major banks and IT companies in Kazakhstan and Russia.

Planned transformation from MFI to bank in 2023

Solva's strategic goal for 2023 is to receive a banking license and transform from an MFI into a bank, which will make it Kazakhstan’s first credit and financial institution to work with micro and small businesses.


Period 12 months
Coupon rate 19% p.a.
Coupon payment schedule quarterly
Stock Exchange KASE
Period 6 months
Coupon rate from 9% p.a.
Coupon payment schedule quarterly
Stock Exchange KASE

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